Cybernetica sells its air traffic management remote tower technology to Adacel

Posted on 24. Feb 2022

In a strategic step to consolidate the company’s activities towards its main offerings of e-governance technologies, secure software and product development, and cybersecurity services, Cybernetica is selling its digital air traffic management tower to Adacel, a global leader in air traffic management and air traffic simulation and training solutions.

With this move, Adacel will take over the development of the digital tower technology, developed by Cybernetica. The tower allows 24/7 air traffic management from a distance, while maintaining safety and improving productivity. Currently, the main client in Estonia for this technology is the Estonian Air Navigation Services, with the first tower deployed remotely in Kuressaare. 

According to Oliver Väärtnõu, CEO at Cybernetica, “Cybernetica’s core strength is our e-governance and information security expertise. Considering the demand today for trusted e-governance technologies, it makes sense for us to focus even more sharply on our core technologies from digital identity, interoperability, privacy and security.”

“We’re pleased to have found a match with Adacel, a proven leader in the air traffic control industry. It’s a great way forward for the team, too, fulfilling its global mission through Adacel,” he added.

“We are thrilled with the remote tower’s acquisition and its progressive technological capabilities. Adacel is committed to ensuring a smooth transition, and we are excited to welcome our new customer and team members,” shares Daniel Verret, Adacel’s CEO. “This new solution fits in perfectly with our long-term strategic vision and our enduring mission to advance safety and efficiency in aviation,” continues Mr. Verret. 

Ivar Värk, the CEO of Estonian Air Navigation Services said: “We thank Cybernetica for the good cooperation over the years and welcome future cooperation with Adacel. We are happy, that the key team and location of the team, will remain in Estonia and we can continue with the project without any disruption. We feel that the acquisition of Cybernetica’s technology is a significant step that benefits also our needs and supports our goal to digitise all Estonian regional airports by the year 2025.“

The transition will be completed by the end of March. The development team will continue to be based in Tallinn.