Air Traffic Management Systems

Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems are primary systems used for ensuring services supporting air traffic control.

ATM systems are immediate working tools of air traffic controllers - data from different systems is collected in these systems. E.g. surveillance data regarding aircraft position, information concerning flight plan data, meteorological information, data from navigation aids, CPDLC data, automated messages regarding potential unsafe conditions and conflicts between aircraft etc. is displayed and handled in ATM systems.

The information that is displayed and used depends on the needs of a particular working position. E.g. the ATM system used in the aerodrome control unit is not the same as the ATM system used in Area Control Centre - they have both similar and specific functions.

The background of the main screen of the ATM systems is a map of the controlled area and navigation data and other information is displayed on this map. With the help of the system air traffic controllers are aware of the actual situation - they can make respective instructions to aircraft pilots and cooperate with other units on the basis of the displayed information.

One main ATM system is in use in EANS for controlling flights in ACC. The name of the main ATM system of EANS is TopSky - its manufacturer is Thales. In addition to it we have a back-up ATM system - Cobham RDS, which is less sophisticated and has limited capacity. EANS has a standalone ATM system specific for Tallinn aerodrome - it is used by TWR/APP units. Tower ATM system is manufactured by ADB Safegate and it consists of three modules: DIFLIS (digital flight strip system), ACEMAX (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System) and INFOMAX (Information Display system).

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