Changes in membership of the Supervisory Board of Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS

Posted on 16. Nov 2023

Head of the Aviation Department of the Ministry of Climate Taivo Linnamägi was appointed the new member of the Supervisory Board of Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS, which will proceed with three members. The main challenge that the local aviation industry is currently facing is recovery from the rapid reduction of air traffic owing to two consecutive crises. A number of developments, such as several new drone-related solutions, are also in the works.

Taivo Linnamägi

The board’s new member Taivo Linnamägi says that his main job has already exposed him to the daily activities of Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS in various ways. Therefore, he sees offering additional support to the Management Board at the Supervisory Board level as a good opportunity to contribute to the development of the company.

“My main task is to cooperate with the Management Board of Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS to find the company a viable long-term model in the age of sanctions and fewer over-flights. To this end it is important to pay attention to developments and new investments that would facilitate the synergy of unmanned and traditional aviation and the sale of contemporary services on external markets operating on the basis of common rules already in the near future,” he noted.

The Ministry of Climate appointed Taivo Linnamägi as a member of the Supervisory Board during a general meeting in relation to the institution being moved from the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications to that of the Ministry of Climate. Linnamägi will have a mandate of three years.

According to Chairman Kuldar Väärsi, Linnamägi is an important addition to the Supervisory Board of Lennuliiklusteeninduse AS. “His in-depth knowledge of aviation and vast experience in the field will definitely bring valuable extra competence to the board,” said Väärsi. “The external environment continues to pose challenges to aviation, which is why we need to find comprehensive opportunities for increasing the revenue and offering customers benefits via successful economic activity.”

Taivo Linnamägi’s daily work involves the shaping and organisation of aviation policy and regulation. Additionally, he represents the Estonian aviation industry in various umbrella organisations, including the European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation (EUROCONTROL), and has experience in daily strategic management of an airline. Linnamägi is also a member of the Advisory Board of the Estonian Aviation Academy.

As a result of changes in the jurisdiction, Andres Uusma, who represented the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, was dismissed from his position as a member of the Supervisory Board. Riina Varts was also recalled owing to the regular expiration of the mandate.

“I’m thankful for the contribution of Andres Uusma and Riina Varts to the work of the Supervisory Board. It has been very valuable considering that the local air traffic has faced difficult times due to the COVID crisis and sanctions related to the war in Ukraine,” said Väärsi.

The Supervisory Board will continue with three members, including Chairman Kuldar Väärsi and members Sven Kirsipuu and Taivo Linnamägi.