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Cybernetica sells its air traffic management remote tower technology to Adacel

24. Feb 2022
In a strategic step to consolidate the company’s activities towards its main offerings of e-governance technologies, secure software and product development, and cybersecurity services, Cybernetica is selling its digital air traffic management tower to Adacel, a global leader in air traffic management and air traffic simulation and training solutions.

First drone test flights for GOF 2.0 to take off in September 2021

01. Sep 2021
The drone market is growing rapidly and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), including air taxis, are the next step in future urban air mobility. The SESAR JU project Gulf of Finland 2.0 (GOF 2.0) focuses on the safe, secure, and sustainable integration of unmanned aerial vehicle and air taxi operations in urban airspace. After eight months of intense preparation work, the first wave of trials will start in Tartu, Estonia, on 2 September 2021 and continue in Finland, Poland, and Austria.

The resumption of flights with Europe brings about noise

28. Jul 2021
During the downtime in aviation caused by the pandemic, people got used to the “quiet” sky. As air traffic recovers, the volume of travel and flights and the associated noise have increased. The Air Navigation Services, managing the air traffic at Tallinn Airport and in Estonian airspace, explains what affects the noise level caused by aviation and how the flight paths and routes are formed above Tallinn.

Estonian Air Navigation Services organises safe air operations within the framework of Rally Estonia 2021

15. Jul 2021
“Air traffic control in the rally area will be taking place in a comparatively small and uncontrolled area, where various aircraft exist and are also airborne for various purposes. Restrictions on drones and other conventional aircraft have been established in the proximity of Rally Estonia special stages to ensure that aircraft flying above people do not endanger spectators nor other aircraft. It is important to bear in mind that flying drones during the rally is not permitted, and unauthorised drones will be removed,” said Kalmer Sütt, Head of the AIM Department of Estonian Air Navigation Services.